Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves

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Building Vision for a Legendary Experience

Introducing our visionary concept design for Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves, an immersive digital experience that encapsulates the breathtaking beauty and captivating stories of the majestic buffalo of Fremont, Indiana. With a focus on providing a seamless user experience and striking visual aesthetics, our design aims to transport visitors into the heart of the preserve, where they can delve into the rich history and engage with the enchanting world of these magnificent creatures. Through stunning imagery and interactive storytelling, we invite users to embark on an unforgettable journey, where they can not only make reservations at the White Pine Lodge but also embark on intimate tours and delve deep into the captivating narratives that have shaped the preserve.

Immersive Storytelling

Idea Tavern has designed immersive concepts that bring the stories of Wild Winds to life. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing digital realm, where each buffalo's journey and indomitable spirit is showcased through stunning imagery and interactive storytelling. Discover the profound connection between these living legends and our shared history, leaving you with a newfound reverence for the majestic buffalo.

Objectives & Approach

Increasing Engagement + Connection
We designed the web and application around the objective of showcasing the buffalos' stories while increasing engagement with clientele reserving experiential getaways at the Wild Winds lodge, as well as experiencing the buffalo first hand via VIP tours. By adopting a user-centric approach, we crafted a seamless and captivating user experience that transports visitors into the heart of the preserve. Through intuitive navigation, stunning visuals, and engaging storytelling, users can explore the buffalo's journeys and unique characteristics.

Showcasing the Lodge & Tours

One of the most important aspects to this project is the experiential lodging and tours available via Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves. For this, we needed to build a seamless reservation system and create captivating pages that showcase the lodge's luxurious accommodations and amenities, as well as the unique features of each tour, creating an immersive and enticing experience that captures the essence of Wild Winds.

Aesthetic Styling

Icongraphy, Earthy Colors, + Illustration
With an emphasis on earthy aesthetics, Idea Tavern's artists adopted a natural approach that infused warmth and organic beauty into the elements of typography, iconography, illustration, and photography. One priority aspect was with the illustrations which exhibit hand-drawn quality that exudes charm and authenticity.



Color Palette

Black Olive




Slate Grey


Reseda Green






Local Marketing

"Escape to Another World" is a captivating marketing concept that takes Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves to the city. This concept focuses on billboards strategically placed in the local surrounding cities including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit, enticing viewers with the allure of a unique experience, counter to the ambience of the city. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty and serenity of the preserve, the images transport passersby and invite travelers to indulge in the ultimate retreat and discover the hidden gem that is Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve.

Designing a Vision for Supporting the Living Legends

Our visionary concept design aims to foster deep connections, increase user engagement, and enhance the overall experience for lodge guests and tour participants. Through immersive storytelling and seamless functionality, the design seeks to captivate users with mesmerizing buffalo stories, deepening their appreciation for the preserve's history. Integration of lodge reservation and tour booking features anticipates heightened engagement, allowing guests to tailor their experiences and fully immerse themselves in the offerings. The anticipated impact is a remarkable digital experience, where visitors embark on a profound journey, forging connections with the living legends of Wild Winds Buffalo Preserves.

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