Kidnapped Children Candle Campaign

Brand, E-Commerce, Product Visuals, Marketing & Digital Support


The Candle Campaign for Children of the Israeli Conflict is a humanitarian initiative aimed at leveraging the power of e-commerce, visually compelling product design, and digital support to generate funds for organizations working to bring back children affected by the conflict in Israel. By creating a line of specially designed candles, we aim to not only raise awareness but also contribute meaningfully to the efforts dedicated to reuniting families and providing support to the affected children.
* Reference Concept

The approach to establishing the marketing management and content creation for The Kidnapped Campaign would be structured into strategic phases, with the overarching objectives remaining constant:
Design and develop optimal e-commerce website interfaces for The Kidnapped Campaign and its core products
Build efficient affiliate and marketing systems including influencer platforms to expand the Vibrasonic brand
Establish processes for efficient management of digital assets for online marketing and social content
Create positive customer and audience experiences through communications outreach, increasing engagement
Create ongoing engagement with customers via intentional email and social communications and visuals
Gauge, track, and add value for The Kidnapped Campaign with continual reporting and optimization
Creative Direction

Services Managed

Creative & Technical Direction
Content Creation & Copywriting
Product Design & Visuals
3D Modeling & Rendering
Paid Digital Social Ads
Search Marketing (SEM & SEO)
Analytics & Reporting

All deliverables are set to be ongoing and serviced on a sliding scale according to budget and production hours allotment.
Brand & Identity Development
Creative direction in collaboration with influencer partners.
  • Executive & market research for official brand name to go to market
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines document
  • Logo design in various formats (PNG, JPEG, vector files)
  • Color palette and typography recommendations
  • Business card and stationery designs
  • Social media profile graphics
  • Brand mockups and advertising material assets
  • E-Commerce Website Build
  • Website UX/UI Design & Development
  • Product Listing Page Builds
  • Analytics Integration
  • Social Integration
  • E-Commerce Affiliate Build for Influencers
  • Product Design & 3D Visuals
  • Core 1-3 Product Designs for Launch
  • Product Buildout as 3D Model
  • Product Animations to Showcase Designs
  • Texturing, Coloring, and Builds for Various Environments to Showcase Product
  • Ongoing Digital Asset Creation Utilizing 3D Assets
  • Animation Clips for Socials & Web
  • Product Feature Highlights via 3D Assets
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Baseline Sitewide Optimization: Meta, Social Sharing, Tags, Content Structure
  • Search Engine Keyword Research for Traffic Opportunities per Executive Strategy
  • Site wide Audit for Current SEO Issues and Linking Opportunities
  • 3-5 Article Suggestions per Week Based on SEO Opportunities in the Industry
  • Design & Development for Website Blog
  • Design & Development of Pillar Pages (Funnels from Blog)
  • Written Articles (2-3x Articles per Month) with Supporting Visuals
  • Additional Publishing Support (to External Platforms)
  • Outreach for Obtaining Backlinks
  • Keyword Research with Supporting Data / Reports
  • Monthly Reports & Optimization from Analytics & Traffic
  • Ongoing Website Search Engine Optimization

    Managed Paid Search & Social Digital Marketing
  • Ad Management Outline & Content Schedule
  • Managed Daily & Weekly Publishing & Optimization of Paid Search Ads
  • Managed Daily & Weekly Publishing & Optimization of Paid Social Ads: Meta, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting of Analytics & Performance
  • Management of Email Communications & Newsletters
  • Management of Direct Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Ongoing Website Support & Maintenance
  • Regularly update product listings, descriptions, and prices
  • Refresh images and visuals for products
  • Update website security features and patch vulnerabilities
  • Monitor and optimize website performance
  • Update inventory levels and implement tracking systems
  • Integrate and automate inventory updates
  • Update e-commerce platform and plugins/extensions
  • Ensure compatibility and optimal performance
  • Monitor website analytics for user behavior
  • Generate reports on traffic, sales, and demographics
  • Analyze data for improvement opportunities
  • Regularly back up website data and files
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan for quick restoration
  • Conduct A/B testing on website elements
  • Implement changes for improved user experience and conversions
  • Budget

    Brand & Identity Development:
    1 Month Timeline
    All Deliverables in Section #5


    Core Product Design, 3D Visual Assets, Initial Buildout:
    2 Month Timeline
    All Deliverables in Section #5


    E-Commerce Site Build:
    2 Month Timeline
    All Deliverables in Section #5


    Search Engine Optimization:
    Ongoing Monthly Retainer
    Deliverable Outlined in Section #5


    Paid Search & Social Ad Management with Graphic Support
    Ongoing Monthly Retainer
    Deliverables Outlined in Section #5


    E-Commerce Support & Management:
    Ongoing Monthly Retainer
    Deliverable Outlined in Section #5



    Upfront Investments: Brand, Site Build, Product Visuals
    Ongoing Investments: SEO, Paid Ads Management, Digital Support
    $7,625/mo + Ad Spend
    Proposed as a 2-Month Project with Ongoing Services inside a Month-to-Month Contract with 30-Day Cancellation Anytime
    15% Rush Fee for Deliverables Needed in Fewer than 30 Days
    Thank you.